The need for a Stronger Foundation of Innovation & Prosperity

Caring for our Community is our Priority

My Leadership Vision for Our City as Mayor

Innovation is at its peak. Vote for stability, innovation, prosperity & sustainability!

-Parveen Bola

My vision as a Mayor: Stabilize our current city building approach and gradually seek new possibilities to create prospectives strategically within our City concerning infrastructure, parks, roadways, housing, & much more. My strategical assessment, planning, development, guidance & advisory, will ensure that our areas increase & develop appropriately with reliability, feasibility, & viability.

My Mission as a Leader: Instill my altrocentric leadership style by prioritizing citizens first with prospects that will empower a new path for our City with creative innovation that is realistic, attainable, practical & logical. See my Mayoral Platform for more details.

My Values & Ethics as a Leader: Respect, Accountability, Fairness & Dedication, Honesty, Loyalty, & Integrity.

Leadership is only effective if you are aware of what needs to be accomplished in terms of our needs & much more on a human rights basis. I believe the City becomes what you are as a person, thus I find it important that the population selects a leader & its council members that will represent our area appropriately. It is important that we the residents of the City of Vaughan understand the impact of our votes & ensure that we vote for leaders that will work in our best interests. Informed decision making is precedent in these times.

I hope to see you around the community!

My campaign colours are in purple since the beginning of July of 2022 - the start of my campaign.

Look for my purple signs around the City!

This is a little snapshot of my life. It is to ensure that you as a resident of the City of Vaughan, know me as a person, as a leader, & as a member of our community.

I look forward to your votes & hope that I become what you envision me to be: A leader for tomorrow!

Innovation is at its peak. Vote for stability, innovation, prosperity & sustainability!

Stay safe, stay healthy & stay happy!

Vote Parveen Bola for Mayor this fall for Municipal Elections!

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Vote Mayor - Parveen Bola

City of Vaughan - Municipal Elections

In person: October 24

Advance Voting Online: October 6 to October 20

To contact candidate for professional inquiries please email:

*The City of Vaughan is situated on Territory and Treaty 13 lands of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation & the traditional territory of the Huron-Wendat and the Haudenosaunee. Being a part of this community , I acknowledge and respect the land and promise to continue to work towards building opportunities for us to strive in and will continue to respect our Indigenous Heritage as a Country. We work to preserve these lands everywhere and hope to build strong economies for our nations to grow within.*

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Published July 13 2022.

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