Bola's Mayoral Platform

Parveen Bola's Leadership Platform with Effective Planning & Guidance

What the City will expect & see in the coming years

Bola's leadership as Mayor will focus on the City's ability to ensure:

  • Her leadership is reflective of the Mayor's standard of practice & professional standards as per the code of conduct, procedural by-laws, & corporate policies & procedures in retrospect to maintain trust, integrity, & impartiality of the City

  • By-laws & policies & procedures constructed or adopted from by-laws be reflective of reasonable & coherent means

    • Many by-laws at the Municipal level require change upon actual assessment & evaluation as noted from thorough reads & deconstruction of legal language from Municipally bound by-laws & policies & procedural by-laws created for the City

  • Non-biased approaches are effective immediately with conducting business within all matters of the City

  • Market demands, social needs, environmental sustainability & much more, meet the priorities of the City & are researched & applied effectively regarding any new developments.

  • The budget meets the City's needs concerning our property taxes & more

  • The logistics of the City & its capital planning for the City's budget continue to be accurate and reflective of the services provided

  • Her strategies are in place to analyze & determine the feasibility of the projects proposed to the City & advocacy for new technological prospects, economical changes, & opportunities for further growth in some areas in which it is possible, is in effect

  • Regulation, legal, & social standards are assessed & evaluated when associated with any future amendments proposed to the City

  • Legislation (i.e. amendments to by-laws) is approved appropriately, if proposed to the City by our federal & provincial leadership, once assessed & evaluated with research, developmental considerations, & analyses

  • Recommendations proposed for, economic prosperity, governance, transportation & infrastructure, advancement in technology to uphold our Smart City accord, diversity & inclusion, & older adults initiatives, are reflective of our City's mandate, priorities, and values & principles

  • Transparency, effective organization & governance with emphasis on our values, ethics & mission of respect, accountability & dedication are in effect

  • Her leadership reflects her own values & principles of respect, accountability, fairness, dedication, honesty, loyalty, & integrity.

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Vote Mayor - Parveen Bola

City of Vaughan - Municipal Elections

In person: October 24

Advance Voting Online: October 6 to October 20

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Published July 13 2022.

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