About Me

My name is Parveen Bola & I am seeking election for Mayor for the City of Vaughan.

I was born in Toronto and raised in the City of Vaughan. I moved to Vaughan when I was very young.

I am a caring and compassionate person and I have an altro-centric approach to leadership. These qualities work as a strong suite for a leadership position as I will always priortize our needs. I have strong sense of morale, respect, & emotional intelligence that will help us understand our goals in life with exceptional communication skills, professionalism, & agile practices.

I hold this leadership position of becoming mayor very close to my heart as I hope to reach for goals that can help us all. I emphasize this with my community since I have been a resident of Vaughan for about 20 years now.

I stand with us, wholeheartedly.

My knowledge, skill & experience is mostly obtained from the health & community sector. My experience was obtained from all areas of practice including long term care, acute care, public health and community care. Some of the units and areas I have practiced in, included emergency care, medical-surgical care, post-ICU care, covid-19 pandemic care, public health, & much more. Some roles included management criteria and enabled me to possess strong leadership characteristics and expertise. This involved having to advocate for & integrate a continuous cycle of planning, implementation, and evaluation of strategies to see what improvements can be made within different areas of practice.

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Vote Mayor - Parveen Bola

City of Vaughan - Municipal Elections

In person: October 24

Advance Voting Online: October 6 to October 20

To contact candidate for professional inquiries please email: parveen.bola@proton.me

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Published July 13 2022.

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