Meet Parveen Bola

Candidate running for Mayor in the City of Vaughan - Background in Leadership, Health Care & Business

Bola has exceptional knowledge & certification achieved from leading business professional associations. Her knowledge, skill & experience ranges from a wide variety of expertise. For example:

  • Bola is well-rounded in creating business plans to sustain change within systems to enhance the existing foundations of municipal, provincial & federal initiatives with miscellaneous projects if piloted

  • She has knowledge & competence in the areas of leadership, ethics, global business & human rights

  • Parveen Bola is able to continuously demonstrate facilitation & promotion of optimal services to the public with regards to general health & welfare in society

Bola's strategic planning and knowledge & skill in business & law, health-care & education, & human rights, will surely assist in supporting the City to sustain innovation & gradual change within all areas of the City with regards to our infrastructure, roads, taxes, parks, emergency medical services, & much more.

Bola's Top Priority Proposal- Affordable Housing Projects Plan

*Click on the Google slides below to access the presentation on Bola's Affordable Housing Proposal. Additionally you can visit the City Platform & Goals page for more details about Bola's platform. You can use the arrows on the bottom of the slides to navigate through the presentation.

*Affordable Housing Projects Plan

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Vote Mayor - Parveen Bola

City of Vaughan - Municipal Elections

In person: October 24

Advance Voting Online: October 6 to October 20

To contact candidate for professional inquiries please email:

*The City of Vaughan is situated on Territory and Treaty 13 lands of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation & the traditional territory of the Huron-Wendat and the Haudenosaunee. Being a part of this community , I acknowledge and respect the land and promise to continue to work towards building opportunities for us to strive in and will continue to respect our Indigenous Heritage as a Country. We work to preserve these lands everywhere and hope to build strong economies for our nations to grow within.*

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